Getting Going

April 27, 2010 § Leave a comment

Between April 15 and April 27, we planted:

12 strawberry seedlings under the apple tree, in soil amended with organic gardening soil mix that contained chicken manure (6 Albion, 6 Seascape — some with the delicate white flowers already blooming)

2 cherry tomato seedlings in black pots with organic potting mix (1 Juliet, 1 Early Girl — both hybrids)

2 artichoke seedlings in a bed amended with the same organic gardening soil mix

3 dahlia tubers in 3 pots with 2 parts gardening soil and 1 part potting soil, per Swan Island Dahlia’s website instructions (all Seattle)

Freshly transplanted strawberries

Artichoke seedlings

I also spent a week painstakingly planting 2-inch square plugs of scotch moss around the Japanese emperor maple and liriope in our front “yard”, which is really just a square of earth we can call our own. None of this is edible, but given the time intensity required, I thought it worth documenting! Planting moss in sticky, clay-ey soil is not something I ever want to do again, but it does look very zen and lovely now.

The front "yard"


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