It’s Working!

April 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Every morning, I tour the garden. I visit each bed and pot that has something edible growing in it and carefully look at how the plants are doing, notice whether there are new blossoms or any problems and use the moisture tester to see if the plants need more water. I look for slugs and snails and note if the big, fat, furry bumblebees are still coming around.

Then I sit on the patio in our Adirondack chair, drinking tea, eating breakfast and writing my morning pages, and I revel in how cool it is to be flanked by the orchids and to be able to look out at the (mostly) neatly weeded garden, the blooming strawberries and the Bay. I can see the yellow snapdragons starting to establish themselves, the purple geranium starting to bloom in its newly-found breathing space and the zig-zag flow of the brick path and mulched beds.

Geranium with snapdragon and stock transplants

What a difference from the wild grasslands we had before!

Having never grown edibles or even gardened before, I feel like a kid wondering at this crazy thing called nature, amazed to see it in action every day. The water and the soil and the sun giving the plants what they need to grow, flower and produce. It’s very grounding to immerse yourself in this cycle of life.

This morning on my daily tour I saw the first blossom on the Juliet tomato plant — a yellow star gleaming in the greenery — and was giddy!

First tomato blossom -- yay!

Two strawberries are also starting to blush red. I researched how to care for strawberry plants and found that I should pinch the flowers off to let the plants put their energy into growing strong versus producing flowers and fruit, so I pinched flowers off of six of the plants to see what would happen.

Blushing berry


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