Brief Holiday Hiatus and Happy New Year

December 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Christmas table

Well, I thought I’d be able to post during the holidays. Before we flew out east and then to the midwest, I even had a few blog drafts queued up, ready to round out and spiffy up with photographs and share with you all. But, I’m finding that amidst…

…navigating eight airports in two and a half weeks to visit family and friends and attend Food Blogger Camp in Mexico (more on that here; I’ll definitely share my experience in January)

…sharpening my shooting skills (more on that soon)

…enjoying countless delicious homemade and local treats, from a full turkey dinner on Christmas…

Table set for Christmas dinner

…to heaps of holiday sweets, to an authentic Maryland crab cake to, coming up soon, a traditional Japanese meal with my family in Chicago on New Year’s

Pineapple tarts, my in-laws' Christmas tradition

…and spending lots of great time with loved ones, finding time to sit down at the computer long enough to draft blog posts is a bit tricky.

So, Together In Food will be on a brief hiatus until next week, at which point I’ll be back online to share my homegrown and homemade food (and Food Blogger Camp) adventures with you. In the meantime, thanks again for following my blog and tweets here, and all the best wishes for a renewing, fun and happy New Year!


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