Alfa Road Trip Day 5: Grady’s Barbecue, North Carolina (EATS)

August 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

This small, scrubbed clean family operation is an hour and 20 minutes from Raleigh and an hour inside the middle of nowhere. It’s run by a wife and husband team, Gerri and Steve Grady. 

We had the chopped pork with two vegetables. The pork is, according to ‘cue experts, an exemplar of eastern North Carolina style ‘cue: chopped fine with bits of skin, which had the texture of well-cooked chicken cartilage (something I think is delectable, for those of us who eat all the animal parts).

When I saw the option of a veggie plate on the menu, I wondered who in the world would come to a barbecue place to order vegetables? But then I ate a spoonful of the butter beans and got it. They’re the best I have ever had, cooked with fatty ham hock, resulting in a creamy, salty concoction I could eat over a bowl of rice.

We also ordered the squash, as it was taped onto the menu, which signaled to me it was a late addition thanks to fresh squash on hand.
The yellow summer squash was caramelized with onions to sweetness and had plenty of black pepper to add a spicy kick. We ended with perfect sweet potato pie. The filling was creamy yet light, bright orange, and just sweet enough. Gerri makes the sides; Steve makes the ‘cue and the pie.
When we went up to the counter window to tell Gerri how delicious everything was — especially those butter beans — she said she’s known around here for her butter beans. She insisted with a smile that we take her business cards, noting she does catering (smart), sign the book (especially when she found out we’d come all the way from NYC), and come back soon. Can’t wait.


Open only 10am-3pm or 4pm depending on the day so plan accordingly

3096 Arrington Bridge Road, Dudley, NC 28333. 919-735-7243

More to the story at the NC BBQ Society


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