“We do not sit at the table only to eat, but to eat together.”  –Plutarch


My happiest memories revolve around harvesting, cooking and sharing food with family and friends…

  • Bringing home a paper bag of just-picked corn from the Glassock farm stand to shuck with my mom
  • Picking blueberries in the summer and apples in the fall with my grandparents
  • Watching my dad create an elaborate Cajun feast and my grandma assemble Indonesian bakcang (Want to learn about bakcang? Click here)
  • Going off meal plan my freshman year at Brown and trying to cook up better alternatives to the cafeteria’s vegan carrot nut loaf in my dorm kitchen
  • Learning to make 350 pounds of chocolates with my mother-in-law (see my post on that here)
  • Baking a tres leches cake for my friends on Cinqo de Mayo

It’s not just the food, though, that brings me joy. I love the culture, traditions and meaning that we pass along when we teach someone our favorite recipe, bond over a shared food tradition with friends or learn from an experienced gardener how to grow a sweet strawberry. I love that we feel more connected to our communities and sustain our economies when we buy our apples and salad greens from a local farmer. As someone who began edible gardening in her urban backyard this year, I also love feeling more grounded in nature and what it takes to grow tasty vegetables and fruit.

In short, I believe in the power of food to forge connections.


I’ve always enjoyed writing but never made the time to do it for fun until this year, when it truly hit me that life’s too short not to have fun. I also believe in sharing what you’ve learned in case it benefits others, and taking advice from people who know a heck of a lot more about something than you do. So I decided to start this blog to create space for me to write for fun, but also to create a community, over time, that will impart their stories and tips on growing, eating and connecting with people through good food.


I hope that in our time together on this site:

  • You’ll discover a recipe you enjoy
  • You’ll consider growing your own food
  • You’ll be inspired to forge connections with family and friends through food

And I hope that you’ll also connect with my readers and me by:

  • Subscribing to my blog via email or RSS to get fresh posts delivered directly to your inbox (see links below)
  • Sharing what you’re thinking by posting comments (I love, love, love them! And they help other readers – see an example here)
  • Connecting with me directly if you have feedback, questions or ideas (click here for contact options)
  • Spreading the word about Together In Food to your friends (there are buttons to Like posts on Facebook, Tweet and email at the end of each post)

A big THANK YOU for spending some time with me on my blog. I’m so happy that you took a few minutes out of your day to visit. Hope to see you again here soon.

P.S. If you want to learn more about my professional background, you can connect with me on LinkedIn (click here).

P.P.S. Lots of folks have asked whether I take the photos on this blog; yes, I do! It’s been a fun, new hobby. I write everything from scratch too. So I’d ask that you please not use anything — photos or text — without my permission. Please ask first. PLEASE. And thank you.


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  • Tom Armitage says:

    How nice to learn a bit more about you, Stepanie. I am enjoying your blog. What a nice consequence of a casual meeting that might not have even happened had I not summoned up the courage to comment on the clam chowder you ordered.

  • I’ve often thought of visiting the USA. Based on my preconceptions, San Francisco would be my first port of call. (And I’d avoid Las Vegas like the plague!)

    Food lovers like your yourself may be interested in the natural health website of Dr Joseph Mercola, http://www.mercola.com. Subscribe for free to receive a free weekly newsletter.

    Care 2 Healthy and Green living may also interest you.

  • Steph, this looks like fun. Irma and I are gearing up for a month with the Algonquin people of Golden Lake, Ontario. This will be my 18th year teaching Soft Sculpture to Native Peoples. Irma and I are now beginning to talk about how much longer – she turned 84 this year and I turned 70. Time will tell. This looks like fun. Stay in touch. Shirley

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